What’s new and what’s changed in SharePoint Online REST API in January-February 2019

I haven't posted about changes in REST API for a while, because nothing interesting was really happening inside REST API in December-November. But now we have something new to explore! 

Just a quick reminder, all data are coming from my SharePoint REST API Metadata Explorer. Go to the "API Changelog" tab and see what's changed in recent months in SharePoint REST API. 


Please note, that all changes are gathered from Targeted tenant. Most likely these changes haven’t been officially introduced yet, use this post as spoilers to potential upcoming features. If you want to use APIs mentioned here in production, please check corresponding official documentation to make sure they are available.

Organizational News

This item was in the roadmap for a while. You will be able to "mark" a site as "organizational news source". When viewing news from "organizational news source" you will see an indication that this news is "organization news". Nice feature to distinguish global company news from department news. More...