Stylelint with SPFx integration

Are you TypeScript developer? I bet you use tslint in all your TypeScript projects! If not – start using it. SharePoint framework has tslint step which validates your code against tslint rules, which is awesome. More and more web developers today also use stylelint. Stylelint can be easily explained in just three words – linter for css/scss. Modern web developer (and of course modern SharePoint developer) has to write a lot of css or scss code. So why don’t we lint css code as well? Checkout increasing interest in stylelint at npmtrends:

SharePoint Framework in current version doesn’t have built-in stylelint support. However we can easily fix it with custom gulp subtask. Let’s do it right away! More...

What’s new and what’s changed in SharePoint Online REST API in October 2018

It’s November and it’s time to review changes in SharePoint REST API in October with help of SharePoint RESE API Explorer. As usual I have to put below caution:

Please note, that all changes are gathered from Targeted tenant. Most likely this changes haven’t been officially introduced yet, use this post as spoilers to potential upcoming features. If you want to use APIs mentioned here, please check corresponding official documentation to make sure they are available.

With REST API explorer you can navigate between different endpoints, explore their structure, methods, classes and parameters. REST API explorer uses _api/$metadata endpoint to get the REST API data, parses it and presents in tree view format. REST API explorer also stores historical $metadata results in Azure storage making it possible to compare $metadata results we have today and month ago. More...

TypeScript Tips: How to reduce the size of a bundle

While developing with TypeScript, you might notice that your bundle size becomes bigger despite all minification techniques. Of course, as your code grows, your bundle will also grow. However there is one hint, which might help you and reduce the size of a resulting bundle. The hint works really good for web projects, which use TypeScript together with webpack. It also means, that this hint is applicable to SPFx solutions as well.

The new size of a bundle heavily depends on your TypeScript code, TypeScript features you use and the amount of TypeScript files you have in your solution. For small solutions it might not work, for mid and big ones it definitely works. Anyway you can verify it on your own solution to see the difference. Let’s get started! More...

I added newsletter to my blog

Finally I found a time and managed to integrate my blog with proper mail newsletter provider. I used to use built-in BlogEngine widget for that purpose, however I received a lot of bot subscribers. That caused me a lot of troubles, because I received tons of emails saying that email was not delivered, I was blocked by spam filter, suspicious activity and so on. Recently I’ve integrated MailChimp into BlogEngine and starting from today you have an option to receive an email notification about new post in my blog.

If you wish to, you can use this direct link, or use “Subscribe to newsletter” widget in the left or just use popup window (once you close it, it will no longer bother you) to enable notifications for your inbox.

Get Hygge with it – Your 5 Step Guide to ESPC18

This year I again speak at European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference as known as ESPC (18 edition). It was a real pleasure to speak first time in Dublin last year. There were a lot of remarkable and exciting sessions. This year's conference promises to be even more interesting. Conference team prepared a few simple steps for you to get most out of the conference. Check it out: More...