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If you have any questions, suggestions, feature requests, found a bug, feel free to:

 - mail me directly through the contact form of the site (the fastest way)                                                                


 - use "Contact Developer" section of the app (the fastest way)


 - use GitHub "Issues" - FAQ Page Issues (the fastest way)


 - leave your thoughts in the comments to this post (the slowest way)



Comments (15) -

  • Great app! Easy to use and set up. Also, great search feature that most apps don't offer.
  • Can I use  "FAQ page" app in office 365/SharePoint-Online Public Websites?
    • Hi!
      Unfortunately this is no possible (see the app description on office store)
  • Is it possible to display multiple categories (two different sets of FAQ's) in a single app?
    like Say I have FAQs that have been categorized in to "Tools" , "Policies" can I show those two sets in a single FAQ app, with their category headings also displayed to users?
    • Yes, this is possible. You just need to edit FAQ Client Web Part, drag & drop to "Web Part's FAQ Sets" zone faq sets that you wanted to see, click Save and that's it
  • Does the FAQs Questions and answers stored behind the scenes in a list? because I have a need where I have to create several additional columns like "FAQMainCategory" , "FAQSubCategory"  etc. Can I do that?
    • Yes, the data is stored inside list (it is showing in the video). The list is under <appweburl>/lists/faq
  • Hi,

    Currently I'm using a trial version of office 365 for fulfilling my tasks in internship.
    And I need to make a FAQ form in a SharePoint.
    I wanted to download it in a store, but it was impossible (because of license).
    Can it be cause I'm using a trial?
  • Hi,

    Great work on this. Any plans to shift the web part over to a modern SPFx part?

  • How do I edit the css file? It appears to be in a location that I don't have access. Looking to change the yellow background.
  • I am trying to set up an FAQ page on O365 sharepoint 2016
    I get everything ok up to the App part is not configured message.
    If I edit the web part I can drag the Source FAQ set into the Web Part FAQ set and check the search and filter boxes.
    I then save the changes but when I go back to the page it is still saying the App part is not configured. I do not get the next message to navigate to the FAQ settings page
    How do I get the web part to work in this version of SharePoint?
  • I have added the app to my SharePoint site.  When I click on the link, instead of showing the questions, it goes to a menu asking what I want to do.  I want my users to click on the link and be taken straight to the FAQ.  Can you tell how this should be done?  Evidently I didn't set it right.  Thanks for your help!

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