How to effectively delete node_modules on Windows

This post is not directly related to SharePoint development, however, you might find it interesting if you deal with javascript projects (like SharePoint Framework projects)

There is one particular thing I don't like in JavaScript development infrastructure. Well, actually I hate it. That's the node_modules folder. From one side that's a very important folder, because it contains all dependencies, from the other side, usually, it contains tons of files, and some of them are not necessary. When you need to delete it, sometimes it takes just too much time: 

And I'm not the only one!

I've tried different options and found out, that rimraf works blazingly fast (suggested in the tweet above). Even when compared with the native windows command line "RMDIR", rimraf somehow works 30% faster. 

However it's not very convenient to use it every time from a console, so I added shell command extension for convenience. More...